army painter speed paint 2.0 水性油


原價 $26.00

army painter speed paint 2.0 水性油

made in denmark


用法類似citadel contrast,先上白色底漆,然後簡單塗上一層speedpaint,無須稀釋,即有基礎深淺陰影效果,適用於多種小型、不規則、非平面為主之模型

The all-in-one Warpaint Speedpaint is truly a one-coat painting solution. In the Speedpaint Starter Set you’ll find all the basic colours you need to begin painting beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time. Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done! All of the colours are using tried and true high-quality heavy pigments.

Combined with an innovative resin medium solution that flows perfectly over your miniatures creates an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.

Pre-loaded Mixing Balls